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“My name is “George” and I’m a special and fortunate little dog ’cause I have the “bestest” home-away-from-home… it’s called The Big Backyard. The days I go to doggie daycare, I literally jump out of the car, run to the building and when inside, dash straight back to the room filled with all my doggy friends – I can’t wait to play with them! The owners and two-legged staff people are awesome, too! And… if you’d like to know what happens at the end of the day, just stop by sometime – you’ll recognize me, I’m the dog who sits down and doesn’t want to go home. Good thing I’m so small ’cause my owner has to carry me to the car! “

Some of our doggy services

Doggy Daycare

Doggy Daycare at The Big Backyard provides a fun, interactive day for your dog!

At The Big Backyard, dogs get to be dogs and are free to romp with friends in our large indoor/outdoor play areas.


Overnight Dog Care

With comfort, you can now travel more or have a long weekend from home and know that your dog is in great hands, with our Overnight Care.

The Big Backyard’s overnight care is specifically designed for and can be exclusively utilized by our doggie daycare clients.

Our "Rufference" & "Bark-A-Monials"

Tail Wagin' Reviews

(Lab - 3 1/2 years old)

“Hi! My name is Jackson Carmody. I am a 3 1/2 year old lab who has been coming to The Big Backyard for about 3 years now. I have so many friends here at “school”. I play hard in the morning, nap for awhile, and then I’m free to play for the rest of the day. When my mom and dad pick me up, I am so tired that I have to go home and go to bed! My parents think that this is great. The Big Backyard is a great place for me & my parents. We love it!”