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Doggy Daycare

What's Doggy Daycare?

Dog Daycare is a concept in canine care designed and made popular by owners who love their dogs, but who happen to work long hours.  It offers busy dog owners the option of giving their dogs a day of play rather than boredom and frustration alone at home.

For just a few dollars more than what you are paying to have your dog walked for a half an hour, you can bring him/her to The Big Backyard in Denver Metro where all of our doggy guests spend an entire day playing in groups of canine and human friends. Just view some of our doggy daycare clients in action!

All animal care providers know that a dog’s disposition can be profoundly influenced by the amount of exercise and attention he or she receives. In fact, some behaviorists believe that 90% of all destructive behaviors are caused by boredom, frustration or isolation. Dogs are pack animals and crave the companionship and stimulation of other dogs and humans. Doggy Daycare provides that companionship and loads of exercise in a safe, supervised and constructive environment.

If you work long days, if your dog is a rambunctious puppy or adolescent, or if you just would like to socialize your dog with other canines and humans then Doggy Daycare is for you! So if you’re interested in daycare for your dog in Denver, come visit The Big Backyard!

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Some of our doggy services

Doggy Daycare

Doggy Daycare at The Big Backyard provides a fun, interactive day for your dog!

At The Big Backyard, dogs get to be dogs and are free to romp with friends in our large indoor/outdoor play areas.


Overnight Dog Care

With comfort, you can now travel more or have a long weekend from home and know that your dog is in great hands, with our Overnight Care.

The Big Backyard’s overnight care is specifically designed for and can be exclusively utilized by our doggie daycare clients.