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Fees, Other Requirements and Additional Info at The Big Backyard

Half Day Doggy Daycare

$21Half Day
$21Half Day
  • Half-Day is either 7am-1pm OR 1pm-6:30pm
  • 5 Half-Days @ $100 ($20/day)
  • 10 Half-Days @ $190 ($19/day)
  • Additional Dogs in Same House Save 30%!
  • $36 Half-Day of daycare for 2 dogs
  • 5 Half-Days @ $170 ($34/day) for 2 dogs
  • 10 Half-Days @ $330 ($33/day) for 2 dogs
  • More than 2 dogs?
  • Half-Day $14 for each additional dog

Full Day Doggy Daycare

$28Full Day
$28Full Day
  • 5 Full Days @ $ 135 ($27/day)
  • 10 Full Days @ $ 260 ($26/day)
  • Additional Dogs In Same House Save 30%!
  • $48 - Full Day of daycare for 2 dogs
  • 5 Full Days @ $230 ($46/day) for 2 dogs
  • 10 Full Days @ $450 ($45/day) for 2 dogs
  • More than 2 dogs?
  • Full day $20 for each additional dog

Overnight Boarding

$16(+ daycare rate)
$16(+ daycare rate)
  • $16 per night, per dog plus daycare rates
  • 10% off your total bill with 5 nights or longer!
  • Your Dog Receives Free Bath When Staying 7 Nights or More!
  • Medication given to your dog at NO extra charge


The Big Backyard’s Daycare, Boarding and Bath Fees – All fees are due and payable at the time that services are provided by The Big Backyard.

Please note – prices are subject to change.

We also offer discount daycare cards. All discount cards are non-transferable and non-refundable, except if your dog is dismissed from daycare by staff. A $25.00 fee is charged for all returned checks.

We charge $1 a minute after 6:30pm for every minute you are late. At 6:45 pm if you have still NOT picked up your dog, you will be charged a $15 late fee plus the $16 a night boarding fee. Your dog will be kenneled here for the evening and fed dinner. If you cannot pick up your dog by 7am the following day, daycare charges will apply.

Expiration dates for discount cards are as follows:

5 Full Days, expires 2 months from purchase

5 Half-Days, expires 2 months from purchase

10 Full Days, expires 3 months from purchase

10 Half-Days, expires 3 months from purchase

Are you a multiple dog family? Two Dogs (in the same household) You get 30% off second dog!

Households with more than 2 dogs

Full day $20/ for each additional dog

Half day $ 14/ for each additional dog

Baths and Nails

During your dogs visit, you may choose to have him/her bathed. We offer:

  • Bath Only: $19 for dogs 25lbs or less
  • Bath Only: $22 for dogs 26 lbs to 99 lbs
  • Bath Only: $25 for dogs 100 lbs and over
  • Nail trim only: $14
  • Furminate: $22 for ½ hour
  • Bath and Nail trim: $27 for dogs 25lbs or less
  • Bath and Nail trim: $30 for dogs 26 lbs to 99 lbs
  • Bath and Nail trim: $33 for dogs 100 lbs and over

Boarding $16 per night per dog plus daycare rates

You will receive 10% off your total bill with 5 nights or longer.

Treadmill Training (only available while a dog is attending daycare)

There is a flat rate charge of $10, in addition to daycare charges. The duration of the treadmill session will be determined by The Big Backyard based on each dogs’ needs and condition.  We also offer in-home treadmill training – please visit Dharma For Dogs for more information on training.

Who Can Play?

Both adult dogs and puppies over the age of 4 months are invited to play at The Big Backyard. For the safety of all our canine guests, each dog is screened for temperament through our interview process before being admitted. We welcome healthy, friendly dogs that are not possessive of territory or toys. We also require that your dog be neutered or spayed after 6 mo. of age and that we have proof of vaccination for Distemper, Bordatella (kennel cough), and Rabies. If your dog is not current on his/her bordatella vaccine, it must be administered 7 days before attending their first day of daycare. If you are interested in setting up an interview, please call us at (303) 757-7905.

You may print and fill out our QUESTIONNAIRE before you come.

Some of our doggy services

Doggy Daycare


Doggy Daycare at The Big Backyard provides a fun, interactive day for your dog!

At The Big Backyard, dogs get to be dogs and are free to romp with friends in our large indoor/outdoor play areas.


Overnight Dog Care


With comfort, you can now travel more or have a long weekend from home and know that your dog is in great hands, with our Overnight Care.

The Big Backyard’s overnight care is specifically designed for and can be exclusively utilized by our doggie daycare clients.

Our "Rufference" & "Bark-A-Monials"

Tail Wagin' Reviews


“My name is the Budman and my mom adopted me from the Larimer Humane Society when I was 9 months old. It didn’t take very long for her to realize that not only was I ‘high energy’ but I got easily bored when home alone. Needless to say, there were a few household items that needed to be replaced! While I am happy being crate-trained and realize that I have to stay home on some days, on those days that my mom is too busy at work to come home for lunch or needs to go out-of-town, she brings me to The Big Backyard.

After trying a couple other doggie daycare facilities, I have found my ‘home away from home’. Although I love to play with my other dog friends, I really am quite content just being around my human friends. There are none better than here at The Big Backyard. The staff is so incredibly caring and knowledgeable. They really know how to treat me right.

I cannot recommend the BBY enough…it truly is a safe, comfortable and loving place for me to be! My mom loves it too!!!! Thank you…”!

-Budman & his Mom, Amy