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Overnight Care

Doggie Daycare Doesn’t Just Stop At The End of The Day…

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With comfort, you can now travel more or have a long weekend from home and know that your dog is in great hands, with our Overnight Care. The Big Backyard’s overnight care is specifically designed for and can be exclusively utilized by our doggie daycare clients. View our Overnight Care Facilities!

Interested in becoming a Doggie Daycare Client? See our admission questionnaire and call (303) 757-7905 today to schedule your interview!

Drop Off and Pick Up Times for Overnight Care –

Please note: The day you drop off your dog for boarding, please allow them sufficient time to play in daycare before being kenneled for the evening. It’s often easier for your dog to be dropped off for a full day of daycare which allows them to get their energy out and have a more peaceful night of sleep.

     Monday – Friday:

     7am – 11am and 1pm – 6pm
      Dropping your dog off for boarding after 1pm is considered a half day.
      Dropping off anytime before 11am is a full day.
      Closed during naptime: 11am-1pm.
      (There is NO Pick up or Drop off during naptime)


     8am – 11am and 2pm – 6pm.
     We are only open for Saturday daycare if we are NOT full with boarding dogs.
     Saturday daycare is for our current customers only. 
     A reservation is required.
     You must call ahead to make sure we have an open spot for daycare.
     Closed during naptime: 11am-2pm
     (There is NO Pick up or Drop off during naptime)


     8am – 10am and 4pm – 6pm.
     Daycare is for our overnight dogs ONLY; boarding dogs are out playing on Sunday.
     The facility is only open during the times listed above for drop off or pick up.
     Closed during naptime: 11am-2pm
     (There is NO Pick up or Drop off during naptime)

Important Information-

  • Reservations are required. You may not drop your dog off unless you have called us and made a prior reservation.
  • Current clients can make a last minute reservation if we have the available room.
  • New dogs must interview and play for a day prior to overnight reservations to insure your dog will enjoy their stay.

Important Note On Charges For Overnight Care

We charge by half days and full days not for every 24 hours your dog is here.  If you drop off in the AM you are charged a full day and if you drop off in the PM you are charged a half day even if you drop off later in the day.  That is why we recommend dropping off earlier than later so we have a chance to wear them out.   If you pick up in the AM you are charged a half day and if you pick up in the PM you are charged a full day.  To not incur any charges for the day you need to be there right when we open for the day.

Prices –

$16.00 per night plus our daycare rate.  We take Visa, MC, check and cash. Sorry we do not accept American Express or Discover. A NSF charge of $25 applies to any returned checks.

  • 10% discount given with 5 nights or more.
  • Your dog will get a free bath if their stay is longer than 7 nights.
  • If you are unable to pick up your dog at the scheduled pick up time additional charges will apply. A phone call is greatly appreciated, if you cannot make your pick up time.
  • If you need to cancel your boarding reservation, please contact us at least 48-72 hours prior so we may have sufficient time to put another dog in your unused spot.

Holiday Information and Cancellation Policy –

PLEASE NOTE – Our holiday reservations fill up a few months in advance. Holiday reservations are for our current active daycare customers only.

We do require a credit card to be on file with us at the time a reservation is made to uphold our boarding policy.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is charged at the time you make your holiday boarding arrangements.

Holiday Reservations must be cancelled within 30 days to receive a full refund. All Major Holiday’s include: New Years Day, Spring Break, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

There is a minimum 3-night stay for holiday stays. This is due to limited space and high demand.

Holiday boarding is non-refundable if you cancel after 30 days.

While your dog is still here having fun, the facility is closed to the public and closed for drop off and pick up on the actual holiday.

What do I bring for my dog’s overnight stay?

Food is the most important need! We would not want to subject your dog to having loose stool or an upset stomach because of a dietary change. You will fill out a kennel card at drop off for your dogs’ feeding instructions on food and treats. We have beds and bowls; you do not need to bring yours. If you bring bedding it must be washable. If your dog runs out of food, the charge is $ 3 per meal.


We will be happy to give medication to your dog at NO extra charge. All medication must come in their original bottle. Let us know at the time of drop off of what doses have already been given that day. We need to be aware of any and all health issues (seizures, colitis, etc.) so we can give the best possible care.


Please, label all of your dogs’ belongings. If you or your dog is attached to something please do not bring it for boarding. We will NOT be responsible for any items that could be damaged due to destructive chewing that may occur during their stay.

No toys of any kind. They tend not to be played with here so keep them safe at home. Your dog will appreciate their favorite stuffed toy or bone when they get home.

We DO NOT give our dogs rawhide treats of any kind. We are happy to give treats that are 100% digestible.

Will I have a clean dog on pick up?

You may request a bath on your kennel card when dropping them off for their stay. Baths start at $19 – $25. Nail trims are $14. We do give a discount if you want a bath and nail trim together. Your dog will receive a free bath if their stay was longer than 7 nights.

Some of our doggy services

Doggy Daycare


Doggy Daycare at The Big Backyard provides a fun, interactive day for your dog!

At The Big Backyard, dogs get to be dogs and are free to romp with friends in our large indoor/outdoor play areas.


Overnight Dog Care


With comfort, you can now travel more or have a long weekend from home and know that your dog is in great hands, with our Overnight Care.

The Big Backyard’s overnight care is specifically designed for and can be exclusively utilized by our doggie daycare clients.

Our "Rufference" & "Bark-A-Monials"

Tail Wagin' Reviews

(Shih Tzu)

“Marty here. I’m just about 10 years old now which makes me about the same age as my Mom in little-dog years. I used to miss Mom a lot when she’d go to work, and I’d spend the day on my home destruction projects to take my mind off of being alone.

She now takes me to the Big Backyard where they are fluent in dog! Everyone knows my name when they greet me in the morning, but even more important – they’ve taken the time to get to know me. They get that sometimes I want to hang out with the little dogs, sometimes the big dogs suit my mood better, and sometimes I just want to nap in the sun. They notice when a little bump is new or different and make sure to ask my Mom if she’s noticed it when she picks me up. They know that when the thunderstorms start rolling in, they need to get me suited up in my Thundershirt before I start to tremble (ok, panic). And if I’m still a little scared, there’s always someone there to pick me up and remind me of how brave I can be.

To sum it up, The Big Backyard is the family we’ve chosen – and they embrace both of us every day I spend with them.”